NZ Murray Grey

Breed Standards

Classed as a “British Breed’ despite its Australian origins, the Murray Grey is based on the traditional British breeds of Angus and the original white cow, thought to have been of Shorthorn breeding.

Colour. Cattle may be silver grey, grey dark grey or dun. White on the under body, is permissible but nowhere else. Black Murray Greys, which occasionally appear, especially when putting a dark grey bull over dark grey cows, have recently been acceptable for herd book registration.

Skin should be dark coloured, loose and supple, pink skin is less desirable. Legs must be well placed and they should stand ‘true’ on all parts of the foot. Feet should be dark in colour. White feet or claws or white streaks on the hoof are not acceptable.

 The head should be naturally polled with good length from eye to muzzle which must be dark in colour. Eyes should be clear, alert and set wide apart and ears well placed.