NZ Murray Grey

Joining the MG Society

The advantage of joining the NZMG Society is to enable you to record all the important performance data beside each of your animals which can then be analysed by the International data base in Australia which enables you to make better informed decisions on which animals to keep to further improve the performance of your herd. 

  • The animals’ pedigree and parentage are recorded alongside its performance so that you can check back over several generations to see whether progress is being made. 
  • Customers looking to buy stock are increasingly asking for performance data (Estimated Breeding Values) as well as physical attributes. Dairy farmers, some of whom are probably our biggest customers, are very aware of the need to have some assurance that the bulls they buy also have some sort of indication that they will produce smallish calves, be easy calving and have also other attributes such as shorter gestation, a positive Dairy index which combines calving and growth indicators. Bulls with this sort of data can attract a premium. 
  • You can purchase registered animals with data which will give an added degree of predictability as to how they will both perform and add to your herds overall progress.
  • You gain the benefit of promotions and advertising of the breed, done on behalf of all members plus you are able to advertise your own stud and animals for sale through a medium which is circulated to both members and the farming fraternity nationwide. 
  • Of course there is an annual cost to be a member and also an ongoing annual fee for each recorded female over the age of 2 years in your herd. However these costs cover the above mentioned advantages plus are considerably lower than many other Beef breed Societies! 
  • Fellowship amongst breeders with a common interest and Breeders clubs were established in each area for this purpose. 
  • New members who would like to contact a mentor to help with any questions should contact the Administrator of the Society who will forward their query to a suitable experienced breeder that could help. 

The Murray Grey Society consists of a Council of 6 members who are elected every 3 years to represent registered members on matters related to the direction the Society should take in governance, promotion and presence at major agricultural events. 

How to Join the Society

or find it on the Forms and Downloads page.

  • The most important part is to decide on your Stud Prefix name and give a couple of choices. This prefix will form part of the animals name for its lifetime. Download the two pages of the application and after completing post it to the Society address listed on the form. 
  • Once received, you will receive a membership pack with further details about the Society.