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Dairy Index is available. Check out the facility on the EBV enquiry which ranks each animal for use in the dairy breeding industry.

New Zealand Murray Grey Selection Indexes

There is currently one selection index calculated for New Zealand Murray Grey animals. This is the Dairy Index.

The Dairy Index estimates the genetic differences between animals in net profitability per cow joined for an example commercial dairy herd targeting the production of dairy beef progeny from dairy cows and heifers where all progeny are slaughtered. Steers are assumed marketed at 450 kg live weight (240 kg carcase weight and 6 mm fat depth) at 16 months of age. While calving ease is by far the most important profit driver in the Index, growth and to a lesser extent meat yield also contribute.

The Dairy Index relates to typical commercial dairy herd producing dairy beef through the use of Murray Grey bulls. It is not suitable for use when selecting bulls for a self replacing purebred Murray Grey breeding program. All selection indexes are reported as an EBV, in units of relative earning capacity ($) for a given production/market scenario. They reflect both the short term profit generated by a sire through the sale of his progeny, and the longer term profit generated by his daughters in a self replacing cow herd (where applicable).

All selection index values have been derived using BreedObject technology. More detailed information regarding the Dairy Index  can be provided. If you have any further queries regarding New Zealand Murray Grey Selection Indexes, please do not hesitate to contact staff at the New Zealand Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society.

July 2011.