NZ Murray Grey

Spring 2018 Bull Sales Report

Excellent reports of Murray Grey yearling and two year old bulls have been reported, and enquiries are still coming in from dairy farmers at the end of October! Sorry guys you have probably missed out!

On farm sales results are posted below but individual sales have been reported as being good as well.


Paradise Valley Murray Greys-Micheal Phillips

28/28 yearlings sold average $2671, top $4200

Filmaree Murray Greys-Aitkin family

13 Two year olds sold average $2615

Mangaotea Murray Greys -Zarrah Blackwell

3/3 yearlings avg $3600

13/13 two year olds average $4675

Torrisdale Murray Greys-Barry Macdonald

5/5 2 year olds sold avg $2820

39/39 yearlings sold avg. $2998,top $3800